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To protect the dignity of our children, we do not run public fundraisers or print advertising campaigns with photos of our events. We humbly ask you to partner with us in supporting our children and teens in a manner that uplifts them without ever embarrassing or exploiting them.

Annual Operating Expenses

Our kids are living with loss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means our job is 24/7 as well. We go above and beyond to give them the individualized support they need to thrive. We have very little overhead so your contribution goes directly to providing services for our girls and boys.
Annual Expenses Breakdown
Direct Services
Overhead Expenses
Links Publications
  • 4 publications distributed to 800 families
  • 25 issues distributed per year to 1,180 families in the US, Canada, and Europe
Weekend Retreats
  • 2 weekend retreats per year
  • 240 teens served
24-hour hotline
  • 3 dedicated hotlines, one per age group, operating 24/6
  • 800 calls per month
  • 9 events per year
  • 320 children and teens participating
Music Club
  • Guitar clubs for boys ages 9-14, facilitated by a social worker
  • 5 trips per year
  • 235 children and teens served
Yom Tov Gifts & Assistance
  • Daled minim sets for Sukkos, Pesach help, flowers for Shavuos, gift cards, and personalized assistance.
  • 120 families served per year
Kallah Programs
  • 15 kallahs served per year
Bar & Bas Mitzvah Gifts
  • Personalized gifts for 55 children per year
Camp Packages
  • 60 boys received a fun package in sleepaway camp per year
Therapy Subsidies & Emergency Financial Aid
  • Monetary assistance for therapy and other emergency situations
  • $150,00 distributed annually
Overhead & Payroll
  • Only 33% of total expenses (average nonprofit overhead is 50% of total expenses)
Total Operating Expenses
$750,000 per year